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All sensors in the GS555 system are programmed in the sensor list. The GS555 uses information from all sensors in the sensor list. Conversely the GS555 will not use or display information from sensors that are not programmed to the sensor list. If a sensor is removed from the crane then it must be removed from the sensor list.

Terex and Demag Load chart and Specification Chart

Menu Locator.........78 LSI Contact Information........85 GM555 v6598 FCC- Revision 7.

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8/8-66 5 degrees from horizontal Procedure x7666 6: Mechanical Set-Up and Angle Boom Boom Calibration Procedure x7666 7: Correct with the base GS555, sections of this manual. Welding Welding Welding pads holes pad holes pads 66 6/8 in. apart, 7 6/9 in.

For accurate radius calculation the actual boom length and angle, and the jib length and angle must be correctly displayed by the GS555 and all radius parameters must be correctly measured and entered in the radius settings of the GS555 display. Before proceeding with troubleshooting confirm that all steps described at the beginning of the Radius Calculation section, including the radius parameters subsection, have been followed.

Portable Download Tool The portable download tool consists of a compatible Palm personal digital assistant (PDA) and LSI software kit. Using the portable download tool it is possible to update firmware, install rated capacity charts or export data logger files without removing the display from the crane. Wireless.

Contrast Adjust the LCD contrast to optimize visibility. Step 6. Press Menu x7697 Next x7697 Next x7697 Enter x7697 Next x7697 Next x7697 Next to go to menu 8D) LCD contrast adjustment. Step 7. Use Up and Down to adjust the display contrast. Step 8.

Slack Rope Systems programmed for four load sensors and four load sum indication can be programmed with a slack rope sensor to warn against unwanted rope payout when the load touches down. The Slack Rope Minimum Limit The slack rope sensor compares the sum load to an adjustable slack rope minimum limit. When the sum load goes below the slack rope limit a slack rope alarm is generated.

Transfer Firmware Files from a Personal Computer to the Palm Two types of files can be sent to the Palm: x7577 LSI files identified by the filename , including firmware, rated capacity charts and system configuration updates for the GS555.

7. Make sure that the slew encoder does not come Slew Encoder Bracket into contact with any other parts of the crane Slew Encoder Spring through the full motion of the crane upper body. Slew Sensor Encoder Figure: Slew encoder installation. Typical installation. The GS555 System The GS555 System.

If the transmitter box has been hit and the box does not fit perfectly to the underlying link, please call LSI to have it repaired. Engraving on the transmitter box sides will not affect reading.

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