ATV Repair Manual

ATV Repair Manual

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re: 'blue screen' -- not a guaranteed workaround, but sometimes works to remove the EFI shield altogether if the order/size of the screws is forgotten/lost. Apple logo then blue screen

Mitsubishi « Repair Manual

As some others stated, I did not remove the cable assembly from the shield either. It looks like it would be difficult to do without tearing.

Volkswagen Vanagon Repair Manual: 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983

For those having problems transferring their home button to the new display assembly: When installing the home button into the new display assembly I had the problem that the bracket kept the button pressed down because the button did not sink into the front panel completely. After removing the home button and reassuring that there was no dust or similar particles preventing the home button from sitting correctly, I still had to push gently to get the home button into the correct position.

I found that when replacing the plate/cover, a pair of needle nosed tweezers held the plate by the 7 holes rather than by the edges (it jumped out repeatedly). I have taken a picture but need to upload it if its required? I also found that taking the new battery out of it's wrapper once out the box has to be done very carefully as the ribbon cable caught on the wrapper so be warned.

I would definitely recommend buying a stupid iSclack. I don't know why they'd even present the suction cup as an option. Maybe the 5S opens more easily when it's new. Now I need to decide between dropping more money on a new home button (and iSclack this time) or just hold out with the software home button.

The link to your photo is still not available. I do not understand which screw is being referred to associated with the fingerprint sensor.

For dual tank configuration vehicles, the gas tank ability was reduced from 679 L to 655 L compared to the J675. The detachable third row three-seaters of the J675 were replaced by fold-into-floor seats which seat just two many ? which is definitely in addition accountable for a loss of cargo ability and usable height within the cargo compartment. On the higher end VX and Kakadu models, there are really six camera positions allowing viewing to the front and low, to the side both front and rear, and to the rear. The system continued the exact same, although the accessories change points are altered for maximum fuel economy very than optimum efficiency, likewise in Sports mode.

I too tried the suction cup - worthless on cracked an only pulled off the many layers of packing tape applied as suggested. Used edge of utility knife to pry it up, then helper placed another blade underneath until I could pry it open. Great suggestion I read elsewhere, and only way I could get cover off.

I replaced my screen and everything was right until I turned it on. There are white lines from the top to the bottom. The screen is dark but everything works.

• I also used an old diaper-like cloth to work on. This has saved my bacon countless times as it keeps little screws and bits from bouncing off into oblivion, while making it really easy to spot them.

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