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Your weight loss regimen is great. I have cut out the carbohydrates that I was consuming a lot of such as pizza, potatoes, bread and the list goes on. I have also stopped drinking regular milk and the results are amazing. I do use a supplemental pill the African Mango to assist in my weight loss journey. I have already lost 9 pounds and loving the progress. I hope people really understand the benefits of this program and utilize it because it works you just need to give your body the chance.


Your cravings are just like mine. I hardly ever drink soda, and there have been 8 times that I have craved a coke to settle my stomach! Kraft mac-n-cheese, ALSO something I want all the time.


I think she means, specifically in this instance, it would help to bond women who may have felt that extreme kind of nasuea and wondered if they would be able to handle all that comes along with pregnancy! In the state of mind that she was, it must have felt 8775 daunting 8776 . I too am very sorry to hear of your loss, but I must admit that I do appreciate the honesty Kath is displaying here.

I was sick (like puking and dry heaving all the time, unable to socialize, barely able to get out of bed on some days) from week 9- I have to say, nausea-wise you are doing OK! Of course it 8767 s all relative, and any level of nausea just sucks. The worst for me was at night I couldn 8767 t sleep b/c of nausea and would just watch TV and cry b/c I was so miserable! Thank goodness this all ends, otherwise we 8767 d never procreate as a species 🙂

I think the most important changes though is the removal of the 8775 white carbohydrates 8776 and the sugary drinks. These and other highly processed and pre-packaged foods that have become our western culture staple is really what 8767 s contributed to obesity and so many other health issues. Just getting that out of your diet and replacing it with natural, low-GI, high-fiber foods will melt the fat off quicker than you can imagine.

Hello Uh if I were to start these kinds in jan 5 to start off with the new year, before summer I really wanna lose about some weight.. before I start barrel racing.. I need helppp. D:

It would help if you could describe a typical day as far as your existing eating habits go in order to best understand everything feel free to use the form on the contact page if you want to connect directly.

Hi Ashley, I have lost weight using a very similar diet to the low carb one mentioned here. However, my diet was even more strict . I was not allowed to eat some veggies such as carrot, beetroot, more than a tomato a day etc and never had any legumes/beans because they were too high in carbohydrates for this diet. I am relatively small already but found the only way to loose any of the extra weight was to be extremely low carb. I have heard some researchers say it is because of the pill that this happens . the pill will stop you loosing weight unless you go extremely low carb so maybe try sticking to only very low carb veggies.

Your burgeoning baby now measures about 6 6/7 inches from head to bottom or 65 inches from head to heel, and weighs roughly 65 6/7 ounces.

I 8767 ll be updating these comments once they are live but if you want to either like us on facebook or add yourself to the mailing list above, we 8767 ll be giving everyone a heads up once they are online.

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