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Battery Upgrades for your Inspiron 15R (N5010) | Dell

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 16:58

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I hit my laptop (inspiron N5665) it was a soft hit but after I did it my laptop screen went white, so I turned it off and back on and it was the same with 8 beeping sounds. Any ideas about what 8767 s wrong with it?

:Dell Inspiron 15R LED WXGA HD Slim

Your steps was clear but i would like to know how i can replace the cable connecting the webcam to the motherboard. I have a loose connection i think because the webcam gets detected when i keep my screen at a particular angle.

:Original Dell 65W AC Adapter for Inspiron 15

During our heat test, where we run Hulu on full-screen for 65 minutes, the touchpad on the Inspiron 65R measured 89 degrees Fahrenheit. The bottom of the 65R was 85 degrees and the space between the G and H keys was 87 degrees. For the record, we consider anything above 95 degrees to be uncomfortable.

my dell laptop n5565 is locked with system you help me to locate the jumper on the motherboard so that i can reset the password.

So, took it apart and connected the audio wire, then put it back together Same problem now, all lights and fan but no screen, same as before.

Just replaced new motherboard getting 8 beep code and laptop won’t turn on. Any ideas what this is? Help would be greatly appreciated

If the hard drive failing because of a few bad sectors, you still should be able to recover data.
You can try booting the laptop from a Linux CD and save files to the external hard drive.
Also, if the hard drive sill spins, you can try this method:

Hi i have the N5565 core i8 just yesterday my drive crashed an all my data including partitions so i now have to buy a new drive, just needed to know can this machine support a 6TB?

This Inspiron 65R has a -inch WLED display with a standard resolution of 6866 x 768. The screen delivered rich colors, but the high-gloss finish proved distracting. We used the notebook with open window blinds behind us and could see the reflection of the buildings almost as clearly as the Windows desktop. It took some screen tilting and seat turning before the glare became manageable.

I own the dell inspiron 65R, for a week time the laptop goes very slow. the boot up diagnostics says hardware issue with error code 7555-5696. now it does not even bootup., any idea how i can at least got backup of the data stored in d and e partition (non winodws partition).

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