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By default when you export data from table into charts by going to Insert > Chart and you choose the chart, be it the column or bar chart, it only gives either X axis or Y axis to give the data range. And Excel automatically selects the other axis.

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[ ] ( ) Hi and welcome to the Board It looks like a polar plot, see this page: Polar Plot in Excel Peltier Tech Blog [ ]

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Begin by selecting the data in the two columns. Then, click on the Insert tab on the Ribbon and locate the Charts section. Click on the button labeled Scatter and then select the button from the menu titled Scatter with Only Markers.

But if you insist, I have a suggestion. Make sure the hidden secondary axes for the XY data have reasonable and symmetric scales. This means the X and Y axes should have the same min and max, and the min should be the negative of the max.

First, though, you are going to need to re-order your data. Each data point for a city must be in a separate column on the same row. For your example data set:

That depends on what you are plotting. I was just making a closed circuit that approximated a circle, and my R values lay approximately on this circle.

I 8767 ve got a polar chart that I 8767 m pleased with, 655%, 95%, 85% doughnuts as instructed. I 8767 ve removed the lines from the dougnuts so they can 8767 t be seen, but would like concentric circles to mark the 55, and 655% points any ideas please? If I put the 55% doughnut I get two rings, at 55% and 65%.I just want a single line at 55%.

Use the following settings in the Paste Special dialog: Add cells as New Series, Values in Columns, Series Names in First Row, and Categories in First Column.

So, you want to know how to create a scatter plot in Excel. Chances are, you probably already know what the term means, but given Microsoft Excel ’s arsenal of options packed into each tab, getting started can be somewhat daunting, especially for Excel newcomers. The process isn’t quite as hard as it sounds, but you’ll need to understand exactly what you want before you go digging through Excel’s extended toolset.

We 8767 ll use a donut chart for the circular grid. The data we need is simple, as shown below. I have 9 columns for the 9 concentric donuts (the smallest donut hole is 65% of the diameter, so this hole plus 9 rings of 65% make 655%). Each ring has 67 segments, so each comprises 85° of the 865° circle of the chart.

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